Rotary Logo ClearSight Windowed FaceMask

The latest rage in masks – ‘ClearView’! Critical for the deaf and people with hearing loss, but equally important for teachers of young children, caregivers, medical professionals, and others. Facial expression and the show of emotions are crucial in human development and connection. Produced by Rochester Sewing and Repair (a project of Rochester Refugee Resettlement Services Inc), a special edition of these masks with the Rotary International logo is now available for purchase so your Rotary Club can distribute them in your community to people who benefit the most.
1,200 masks Rochester Sewing and Repair produced under a grant from the Community Foundation were distributed by 10 Rotary Clubs in Monroe County back in May. Can the entire District distribute that many of these special masks?

$15 per mask includes shipping and a package of defogging wipes.

A joint collaboration of the Rochester Deaf Rotary Club, Rochester Northwest Rotary Club, and Rochester Southwest Rotary Club.

ClearSight Windowed Cloth Face Mask with Rotary Logo